CNSF 2018 AGM Report Published on 9th November 2018

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Chair Report

With the Fund now in its seventh year, I am pleased to report that we have continued to see a good level of enquiries and applications coming forward.  Throughout the year, we have promoted the Fund at funding events and distributed quarterly press releases reporting on our grant awards.  Furthermore, we have also attended the opening ceremonies of some of the many community projects that we have given support to over the years.  It is particularly pleasing to see these impressive community projects being realised and delivering significant long-term improvements for our communities. 

Since our last AGM, we have held four assessment meetings and have considered twenty six funding applications.  The Committee approved funding towards twenty four community projects, which saw £330,726 of funding being committed over this period.  The total value of these projects is estimated to be in excess of £1m, a significant contribution to enhancing the quality of life in our area. These initiatives are also wide ranging and include improvements to heritage facilities, social and community care, the arts and culture sectors, tourism, recreational facilities and also watersports developments.  This investment is spread across the Fund’s entire geographic catchment area and these worthy projects are a strong testament to the commendable level of community development activity in our area. 

As part of our annual review process, we conducted a full review of our governing documents to evaluate if any of our company articles required updating.  With the approval of our NDA and DSRL representatives, the Board agreed to a number of minor amendments to our articles to further improve clarity.  This process has also resulted in the Fund deciding to increase the maximum number of our Appointed Directors from four individuals to six.  This will allow for a greater level of community representation on the Board and in turn, our Community Benefit Package Committee which is responsible for decisions relating to the distribution of our funding.

I believe that the Fund is well served by its Board of Directors, who work well together and are committed to ensure that we achieve the best possible investment for the area.  I would like to thank my Vice-Chair David Glass and the other Directors for their support and also their constructive approach to the work of the Fund. Furthermore, I would also like to thank Cllr Nicola Sinclair for her valuable contribution while serving on our Board.  Nicola stood down from the Board earlier this year and we welcome Cllr Andrew Sinclair as our latest Councillor Director. 

The key people in the Fund’s operation are David Shearer our Fund Coordinator and Lynn McIntosh our Administrative Assistant. David manages our day to day operations and acts as the face of the Fund.  He supports groups through the application process and our feedback procedures continue to highlight how well this is valued.  Lynn has also settled in particularly well in her role assisting with our ongoing administration work.  We greatly appreciate their efforts and commitment to the Fund and its objectives.  

Finally, on behalf of Fund, I would like to take this opportunity to praise the remarkable range of worthy proposals for which community groups have sought our support over the years.  It is simply not possible to make our funding programme a success without people in our communities giving their valuable time to undertake these projects.  We hope you enjoy reading our report and we encourage you to continue coming forward with impressive proposals that will enhance the Caithness & North Sutherland area. 

Jim MacGregor