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If you have a project that you feel would meet the aims of the Fund and are in need of funding assistance, please get in touch with our Fund Coordinator David Shearer.  David will be glad to discuss your project with you and answer any questions you may have as well as guide you through the application process.


David Shearer
Fund Coordinator
Caithness & North Sutherland Fund

Telephone: 07841 204 982

Caithness & North Sutherland Fund
Telford House
Williamson Street




Applicant Feedback:

Dunnet Forestry Trust – Dunnet Forest Woodland Shelter

This is my first experience of project managing. Throughout the entire project Caithness & North Sutherland Fund have done everything possible to make this a trouble free experience. The application process was straightforward and once funding had been approved the Fund coordinator, David Shearer, provided readily available assistance when required. Dunnet Forestry Trust is extremely grateful to CNSF for their support with this project.


Caithness Horizons – Joint Museum Information Management System Project

This is a very user-friendly fund to access. The help and support received from the Fund Co-ordinator during the whole grant process has been invaluable to the success of the project.


LLCCDC – South East Caithness 2012 Development

Application – good clear information and processed in a timely manner. Claims – speedy turn-around of payments, ideal for community groups with little working capital.  Excellent support provided by David Shearer through all aspects.  Many thanks for your support


Keiss Family Community Project – Keiss Family Community Park Project

It was the easiest application and we appreciated the help that David Shearer gave us, without his funding expertise we wouldn’t have got our project funded.


Britannia Hall Committee – Essential Building Refurbishment Project

The whole experience of accessing funding from the Caithness and North Sutherland Fund has been very, very good. A local contact point has proved invaluable. Given the urgent nature of the refurbishment, the quick decision making process was also particularly helpful.  Britannia Hall Committee would like to thank all concerned for their support with this project.


Watten Improvements Group – Watten Play Area Refurbishment Project

Accessing funds from the Caithness and North Sutherland Fund was essential for us to enable us to secure other funding and ensure we reached our total for the project.  I contacted the Fund at the beginning of our project to explain what we were hoping to achieve.  David Shearer was very encouraging and helpful from the outset and this continued all the way to the end of our project.  His enthusiasm gave us much needed encouragement to succeed.  We were delighted with the service from the Caithness & North Sutherland Fund.


Laurandy Centre Refurbishment Project

It has been an excellent working relationship with David Shearer who has been most helpful and professional in his engagement following the application from Laurandy. Time is not an issue for Mr Shearer if needing his assistance and clarification on any issue regarding the application form.  I would like to thank on behalf of Laurandy Board of Directors Mr Shearer and the board of the Caithness & North Sutherland fund for the support provided to our project. Positive feedback has come from all those in attendance both staff, volunteers, board of directors and service users.


Transport for Tongue Ltd – T4T Melness & Skerray-Transport for all ages Project

We would like to take the opportunity to thank C&NSF management for approving and contributing to the funding of our project which we consider has been highly successful. We have exceeded all the targets for the first year of operation.  I have found the application process very satisfactory indeed. I would like to express my appreciation to the Fund Coordinator Mr David Shearer who has guided me through the application process. His advice at every stage has been extremely helpful and I have found him to be very supportive. It was very helpful to be able to send our application to him to review at an early stage so that he could advise on what additional information was necessary to strengthen our application. He was always prompt and efficient at responding to e-mail communication and was also available for telephone consultation which I found helpful.  The funding was provided  very efficiently and in a timely manner according to the timetable laid out.  I have only compliments for the application and follow up process. The support received certainly reduced the stress levels which are very real for those of us who are volunteers and novices at completing funding applications.  The web site was also helpful as it enabled us to see if our project met the criteria of the Fund.  Being able to complete and submit it electronically was also helpful.


Caithness Biodiversity group – Therapeutic Garden Project

From the beginning of this project, CNSF were most supportive and helpful.


Wick High School Parent Council – Wick DoE Awards Project

We can only thank you for your support. Your requirements are rigorous and well-explained – as they should be! We feel that we have been excellently supported through this process and that CNSF has met its entire contract with us. Many thanks again.


Ploughing Championships Scotland

The initial discussion with Fund Co-ordinator was very useful.  The application experience was good – replies and decision were prompt and within timescales advised.  The whole experience was good and we appreciate the funding given.


Caithness Citizens Advice Bureau – Volunteer Recruitment Training Project

I found the assistance provided by David during the funding process extremely helpful making the funding process as smooth as possible.  


Caithness Agricultural Society – New Portable Toilets & Sheep Gates Project

The process was straight forward and there is a quick turn around in informaiton being given back and the outcome of the application is very quick.  David the Co-ordinator was very helpful and very knowledgeable. 


St Johns Loch Improvement Association – Anglers Lodge Project

During my time as a volunteer for various groups and charitable bodies in the County of Caithness I have been involved in a number of fundraising activities and have completed a considerable number of applications for financial assistance.  I have to say that the CNSF Application was one of the most straightforward I have ever completed.  The advice and assistance I received from the Fund Coordinator throughout the process has been exemplary and I have happily recommended CNSF to other groups seeking funding for their projects.


Lybster Primary School Parent Council – Illuminating the past

David Shearer was incredibly positive throughout this project- his patience and ability to explain the process clearly made my life as the project co-ordinator easier. After my initial conversation with him I felt that this project would have the opportunity to go ahead- and his guidance as I filled in the form was helpful and reassuring.


Caithness Rugby Football Club – Sports Pavilion Project

Having applied for a large number of grants over the years, not just those specifically for this project, I have to say that thanks to the CNSFund Coordinator this has been one of the least painful.  He has been very helpful and efficient right from my initial enquiry, then throughout the whole application process and then to the processing of payments.


The Wick Society – Stairlift & Wheelchair Project

From the initial enquiry onwards we received not only a warm welcome from the Caithness and North Sutherland Fund but a great deal of help and advice and this made the application process very smooth, it was a very positive experience indeed and we are grateful to the fund for their generous support.


Caithness Harbourfest Committee – The Wick Diamond Jubilee Harbourfest

The application process is very straightforward and the limit on the number of words in each answer helps to focus upon the information actually required.  The use of emailed submissions and quick responses is refreshing and eliminates delays.  The payment application and process is excellent.  We felt that the Fund was totally sympathetic to what we were wishing to achieve, and the undoubted success of the event is due in no small measure to the support that we received before, during and after the application process.